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Site Selection

AMP'd Engineering, PLLC, will assist you in determining the feasibility of a particular site by outlining criteria set by our client and us for various projects.  This initial step is valuable and necessary to prevent loss of time and money by ruling out the viability of each site prior to diggin in too deep on the planning.  This phase is necessary to every development project whether it be a residential subdivision, commerical site plan or campground park.  

Due Diligience Reports

Reports are often omitted during the initial process but are valuable documents when assessing multiple sites for your development project.  This report will outline the basic obstacles of the project, cost assessments and other items necessary to bring your development project to life.  This service will allow you to see the project permits required, zoning obstacles, property access, and all environmental issues.  

Sketch Design

Sketch design allows the client to see the project in plan view with basics features such as but not limited to access, flow, paring, building layout, storm drainage treatment and other various project features.  

Master Plan Services

AMP'd can utilize multiple layout design alternatives for your property that meet the requirements of the local zoning ordinance.  This service allows us to maximize the property use while cutting down on wasted space.

Civil Engineering for Site Design

AMP'd offers well designed land development projects from years of experience within the industry.  Site Design includes placement of key features on the property in compliance with local zoning ordinances, utility design, grading, erosion & sedimentation control, stormwater, landscaping, and environmental features that comply with local, state and federal jurisdictional codes.   

Other Various Sevices

  • Hydrology - Analysis of existing & proposed developments to include flow analysis, stormwater designs and other hydaulic needs.  Watershed analysis & modeling 
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Zoning/Re-Zoning
  • ADA Designs
  • Site Plan
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Design
  • Stormwater Design
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Utility - Design, Permitting, Inspections & Certifications 
  • Land Development Permitting
  • Drainage & Grading Evaluation and Design
  • Environmental Design & Permitting 
  • Septic Design & Permitting - Engineered Option Permit ("EOP") - Private septic design for any and all septic designs required 

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